Tad Neeley


Tad is focused on using capital markets and new business models to develop, finance, and operate infrastructure projects around the globe. Tad is responsible for turning complex financial structures into standardized digital smart contracts on the blockchain.

Tad’s experience structuring complex financings in the energy sector, perfecting secured liens on cashflows, and establishing blocked accounts to enforce the waterfall of payments is the inspiration for Banyan’s smart contract and virtual lockbox platform. Tad is a former Operating Partner at Golden Gate Capital where he focused on investments in telecom infrastructure.

Tad has an MBA from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania. Tad also spent 4 years in the Peace Corps building water systems in the Philippines and Paraguay.

Jeremy Friesen

Chief Investment Officer and Co-Head of Origination

Jeremy is focused on creating an efficient exchange where Banyan Block Bonds flows become the de facto financial instrument that finances the next generation of distributed infrastructure. Jeremy is a macro-economist by training and spent over a decade on the global trading desks with Morgan Stanley, SocGen and RBC Capital Markets.

Jeremy also was an EVP of corporate development at BitTorrent where he helped lead an effort to build the world’s most transparent, efficient and engaging digital marketplace leveraging BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer protocol. Jeremy has an MA in economics from McGill University and is an ex-central banker. Jeremy has lived and work in several emerging markets, including China, Korea, and Nigeria.

Abdel Banda

Chief Commercial Officer and Co-Head of Origination

Abdel is leading the effort to establish Banyan as the leading infrastructure financing platform among institutional investors focused on deploying capital in Africa. Born in Ghana, Abdel is passionate about enabling global capital to efficiently flow into core infrastructure projects in Africa.

Abdel began his career in Investment Banking and Sandler O’Neil + Partners and most recently was managing director of Africa for Edison Chouest, the largest private US ship builder and supply chain logistics provider for offshore oil and gas. Abdel has a degree in finance from Notre Dame University while playing football for the Fighting Irish.

Ryan Wartena, PhD

Chief Product Officer

Ryan is on a mission to get the world to run on 100% renewable energy through a distributed, transactive, services-based network of microgrid systems. As Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Banyan, Ryan is developing a blockchain based financing platform for distributed energy system that connects operational data into financial contracts.

The Banyan platform will accelerate the development and financing, renewable energy systems. Ryan has PhD from Georgia Tech and did Post-Doc research at MIT in battery technologies.

Art Yerkes

Vice President of Engineering

Art is the lead software engineer responsible for building the core Banyan smart contract and blockchain platform. Art has been a core engineer at various technology startups, including Perpetual Entertainment, On Demand Technologies, and over six years at BitTorrent and started at Intel.

Art works in a variety of programming languages, with a current focus on functional languages such as Elm, haskell and F#, along with a long history with C++.

Amanda Li

Head Of Product

Amanda had firsthand inefficiencies in distributed infrastructure deployment as an early investment team member of Generate Capital. She is excited to improve transparency and automation tools for financiers, developers and the ecosystem. Prior to Banyan, Amanda was a consultant at McKinsey & Co. as well as in product and engineering roles at technology and renewables startups across Canada, China, and the US. Amanda holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Deborah Peacock, P.E., J.D.

Legal & Infrastructure

Deborah is President/CEO and Managing Partner at Peacock Law P.C. and an Independent Director for several natural resources and technology companies. In her CEO role at Peacock Law, Deborah manages a highly successful business and provides legal, IP and business/technology advice to an international clientele. Her particular expertise includes complex transactions, M&A, and commercialization of leading-edge technologies.

She is a licensed attorney in three states (New York, Colorado, New Mexico). She is also a Registered Patent Attorney (U.S.) and a Registered Professional Engineer (New Mexico, Colorado). Deborah is a graduate of Colorado School of Mines (B.S. Metallurgical Engineering) and Harvard Law School (J.D.).

David Cohen

Blockchain & Distributed Energy

David Cohen is internationally renowned for his pioneering work on Smart Systems Software platforms — combining software and distributed technologies to energy projects. David is the father of “the Grid Edge” and has 24 years of management, software platform development, and business development experience with emerging energy technology companies. David is a founding Emeritus Member of the GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC) and a founding member of the TrustedIoT Alliance and the DOE’s Modern Grid Initiative.

He pioneered GridAgentsTM, worked with DOD on Plug-and-Play Power Grids and was a member of the IOTA Foundation and the IOTA Token Cryptocurrency launch. David served on the Silicon Valley Leadership Group (SVLG) and serves on the advisory boards of ZipPower (Smart CIty Infrastructure), S2NRG, +ID, Clear Creak Networks, several Crypto blockchain ventures including WePower, and has over a decade of informal collaboration with Banyan co-founder Ryan Wartena.

David has a BA and MSc (in Engineering) from the University of Colorado and completed project finance and blockchain studies with Princeton and Harvard University.