Banyan Infrastructure combines financial and technological innovation to accelerate the deployment of solar, wind and other critical infrastructure around the globe. Friction in distributed infrastructure financing has created a multi-trillion dollar gap in needed deployment – help us create a platform that will close this gap and allow financiers to more effectively manage and refinance their distributed assets.

We are backed by leading infrastructure investors and developers who believe in our mission and solution, and are now raising a second equity round to more rapidly deploy this platform. If you are at a venture fund, or at an institution with a strong interest in what we’re doing, or are a qualified investor, please contact us at


We are developing a detail-oriented web platform and smart contract building system that has the potential to make a real impact by allowing investors to easily lend to and manage profitable distributed asset systems such as solar or wind. We’re a small team and we place a high value on code quality and maintainability, and as such we’ve chosen a functional first approach to our software where possible. We’re looking for great people with a couple years of functional programming experience to build correct and testable systems we can rely on.

See openings here or email if you don’t see a position suited to you but have a suggestion on how you could add value to team.