Banyan is pursuing a path to transform project finance; our core service, BlockBonds, will emulate traditional bonds for infrastructure finance, but with a blockchain basis.

We’re raising an equity round to build this platform. If you are at a venture fund, or at an institution with a strong interest in what we’re doing, or are a qualified investor, please contact us at [email protected]


We are developing a detail-oriented web platform and smart contract building system that has the potential to make a real impact by allowing investors to easily fund small profitable microgrid systems. We’re a small team and we place a high value on code quality and maintainability, and as such we’ve chosen a functional first approach to our software where possible. We’re looking for great people with a couple years of functional programming experience to build correct and testable systems we can rely on.

We’re looking for these roles to help achieve that goal:

Full Stack Developer

  • Functional full stack programmers with some experience in any of purescript, elm, ocaml, F#, haskell. An adventurous person who cut their teeth on react and redux and appreciates immutable.js or ramda may be welcome as well. Some work with logic programming systems and passing experience with compilers is a plus here too.


  • User experience designers with a preference for providing end user value quickly. Experience with professional (finance, construction, operations) users is an asset.

Front End Developer

  • Front-end focused programmers with a functional approach, such as writing react components, fable elmish, purescript or Elm.

Smart Contract Programmer

  • People familiar with smart contract development and testing, especially with Solidity and Ethereum. Experience with logic programming systems such as minikanren or core.logic or formal verification systems such as coq is a plus here. Some light work with compilers is a plus here too.

Submit a Project

We’re looking to bring our unique, BlockBond funding mechanism to use to fund valuable infrastructure projects in solar power, telecom, water and other domains. Do you have a project that you think might win market support?

Consider the following questions:

    • Does this project create an enduring infrastructure? (Enduring: it’ll last 20 years or so. There are some non-infrastructure uses we’re also reviewing.)
    • Does the project have a market of reliable users?
    • Does the technology to implement the project exist in stable form? Does a reliable, local implementation team exist? Can full project documents be created rapidly?
    • Is your project below $15M / phase in scale? (We’ll get to larger projects later)
    • Are the currency and geopolitical risks under control? (We’ll later be able to enable pricing for projects with high currency and political risks.)

If the answers to the questions are YES please send information describing your project to [email protected].

Please don’t send anything particularly confidential until we’ve signed a confidentiality / non-disclosure agreement in place.

Your summary information should be a several page (fewer than 20 pages) description and should include clear information on how we can contact you.

We’ll be implementing an intelligent wizard process to bring in projects later in 2018, but for now are doing most project curation using experts with field experience.